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The Global Carbon Budget Office is led by Professor Pierre Friedlingstein from the University of Exeter’s Global Systems Institute with the support of more than 100 people from 70 organisations in 18 countries.

Since 2006, as part of the Global Carbon Project, the Global Carbon Budget has provided a wealth of information on carbon emissions and the ramifications for reaching the global climate goals.

Later is too late. Tipping the balance from Negative to Positive: Official UNFCCC Action Area event

CalendarWednesday 6 December 17:00

Global Carbon Budget Report 2023: UNFCCC COP28 press conference

CalendarTuesday 5 December 10.00-10.30

Fossil CO2 emissions at record high in 2023


Fossil CO2 emissions at record high in 2023

Global carbon emissions from fossil fuels have risen again in 2023 – reaching record levels, according to the Global Carbon Project.

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